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Learn more about bladder cancer and how it can be managed

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Current Perspectives in Bladder Cancer Management. Read the latest publication from ABC


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Patient and Public Involvement in research

Want to know more about Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research? Click here for more information

Major advance in the treatment of advanced bladder cancer
The first major advance in the treatment of advanced bladder cancer for 30 years, note the researchers, who report their findings in the journal Nature.
See the article on
and on The BBC News

Worldwide shortage of BCG
ABC and FBC issue a joint statement on the current worldwide shortage of BCG that is used for the treatment of high grade non invasive bladder cancer: The BCG Shortage - What you need to know. Click here to download the pdf of more information

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12 August 2014
Vote for ABC! Two of our supporters, Yvonne and Sue have entered ABC for the Mountain Warehouse Charity Challenge. This goes to a public vote for a prize of £5000 for the winning charity. ABC is currently in the top 1/3 and so your vote could make a huge difference! Please add your vote for ABC and also share the link for your friends and family to vote too:
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Bladder Cancer: So much cost, such little progress
20 Mar 2014
ABC’s latest news release highlights the huge financial impact of bladder cancer. There is an urgent need to address the enormous, yet largely ignored, burden that this distressing disease places on individuals and society.
Read the press release March 2014

Why is no one talking about bladder cancer?
28 Feb 2014
The BBC talks to ABC Trustees Hugh Mostafid and Tony Kirkbank.
Please help us to raise awareness by sharing this article with all your contacts - thank you!
Full story: BBC News

Forgotten cancers: the case of bladder cancer
28 Feb 2014
ABC participated in an EU-level expert policy roundtable on bladder cancer. Read the report and recommendations here

Bladder Cancer: the forgotten killer
25 Feb 2014
Survival from bladder cancer is worsening in England according to a new paper published in the Journal of Clinical Urology. Despite the number of new cases in bladder cancer falling, the number of deaths has not reduced by a similar proportion. Overall, deaths from the disease remain higher in England than in other European countries with similar incidence rates. ABC calls for urgent action. See the press release
See the press release:

ABC supports PHE bladder and kidney cancer awareness campaign
15 Oct 2013
Public Health England's Be Clear on Cancer campaign for bladder and kidney cancer launches today. The campaign urges people to visit their GP if they notice blood in their urine, even ‘just the once’.
See the press release:

Blood in your wee? See your GP.
12 July 2013
Even just one episode of blood in the urine may indicate that bladder cancer may be present however almost half (45%) of the UK public are not aware of this.
Download the PDF here (97kb)

The 2nd edition of the MDT Guidance for Managing Bladder Cancer is now available to health care professionals.
You can download it here: MDT Guidance For Managing Bladder Cancer 2013 (PDF 546Kb)

Matthew Perry and John Kelly talk on behalf of ABC about future new test for bladder cancer
25 May 2013
New Test For Bladder Cancer May Save Lives

Bladder Cancer Deserves Urgent Attention
7 May 2013
ABC highlights the extent of bladder cancer and the need for better management.
See the news release (PDF 38Kb)

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